Fluid and gas transfers

In industry, fluids refer to all substances capable of flowing. It can be compressed air, ice water vapor or any lubricant or liquid used to operate the equipment. Ensuring the transfer of these fluids or gases represents an important challenge in all types of industrial production but also in the field of transport and motor sports.

It is therefore essential to ensure the tightness of the transfer systems for these different fluids, taking into account their nature and their sensitivity. This factor is extremely important when we know that a failure during the transfer can cause significant damage to both the system and the users.

Elastomer solutions offer connection solutions that are both flexible and perfectly sealed for many fluids regardless of their tension and compressibility.


ITC Elastomers offers a wide range of seals, fittings and valve seals for fluid or gas transfers. For more complex transfers, we design multi-material fittings which will adapt perfectly to the configuration of your equipment and will allow an efficient and safe connection in the passage of your fluids between two systems.

Do not hesitate to contact our design office. We provide you with nearly 50 years of experience to ensure the transfer of your fluids or gases in complete safety.