Elastomers and food contact

In Europe, all materials and objects intended to come into contact with foodstuffs must be manufactured in accordance with the good manufacturing practices of European Regulation CE No. 1935/2004, so as to:

  • not transfer constituents into foodstuffs in quantities likely to endanger human health
  • not cause an unacceptable change in the composition of the foodstuff (taste or odor, for example)
  • not cause a deterioration of its organoleptic characteristics (action on the sense organs or use thereof).

At ITC, we offer high quality elastomer parts and seals that meet the requirements of the food industry according to European standards and FDA (Food & Drug Administration) standards.

In general, rubber parts in contact with foodstuffs are used for relatively short contact times. However, they can cause contamination of foodstuffs through migration of additives or other chemical substances. It is therefore necessary to select the elastomers used for food applications carefully and to ensure the traceability of each batch so that the rubber products comply with current standards.

At ITC, we design elastomeric or multi-material parts allowing:

  • to avoid any microbial development thanks to smooth surfaces and shapes without roughness;
  • to withstand temperature variations thanks to the qualities of our rubber compounds
  • to resist most cleaning processes used in the food industry, whether chemical or steam
  • not to transmit any odor


FDA FDA In compliance with 21 CFR 177.2600
CE EC Regulation No. 1935/2004 Substances on the positive list and microbiological test on finished product in contact with foodstuffs

Seals for drinking water circuits

Drinking water is water that can be drunk or used for domestic and industrial purposes without risk to health. Thus, the materials used in production or distribution systems and which are in contact with water intended for human consumption must not be likely to alter its quality.

Given the importance of seal rings in the sealing of a drinking water network, the ITC formulations developed for drinking water networks have received a Health Conformity Certificate (ACS) from the Ministry of Health.

The health conformity certificate (ACS) is an official approval which applies to equipment materials in contact with water intended for human consumption, with regard to the regulatory provisions in force.

We offer you O-rings (Oring) and flat seals declared compliant with the Positive List (CLP) of the Ministry of Health by an approved certification body.

Accredited laboratory ACS Compliance with the positive list / seal diameter< 63mm


Elastomers are found in many food fluid transfer applications such as milk, beer, cider, water, fruit juice, vinegar, wine, alcohol, etc. They also ensure the sealing of tanks and transport tanks for food products.