Seals for drinking water circuits

Drinking water is water that can be drunk or used for domestic and industrial purposes without risk to health. Thus, the materials used in production or distribution systems and which are in contact with water intended for human consumption must not be likely to alter its quality.

Given the importance of seal rings in the sealing of a drinking water network, the ITC formulations developed for drinking water networks have received a Health Conformity Certificate (ACS) from the Ministry of Health.

The health conformity certificate (ACS) is an official approval which applies to equipment materials in contact with water intended for human consumption, with regard to the regulatory provisions in force.

We offer you O-rings (Oring) and flat seals declared compliant with the Positive List (CLP) of the Ministry of Health by an approved certification body.

Accredited laboratory ACS Compliance with the positive list / seal diameter< 63mm


The applications of ITC elastomers in drinking water are mainly found in joint rings, sleeves and fittings for pipes and water conduits within networks. Other applications are available in industrial water storage tanks or in water sanitation networks.