Shielding and electrical insulation

ITC uses both insulating materials (dielectric) and electrically conductive materials.

We are developing a range of conductive silicone or fluorinated silicone elastomers for shielding electronic devices. Our elastomers are loaded with conductive particles to guarantee a good electrical connection while maintaining the elastomeric properties of silicone. Our electrically conductive materials make it possible to obtain volume resistivity values ​​lower than 0.005 Ω.cm.

ITC’s insulating materials, for their part, make it possible to obtain dielectric rigidities higher in certain cases than 20 KV/mm and are particularly effective in volume insulation.


In the field of electrical engineering, silicone elastomers are already widely used in the shielding of electronic devices, in the external insulation of high voltage electrical installations, medium and high voltage bushings and alternator bars but also in circuit breakers and instrument transformers. Silicone elastomers are also found in the packaging of integrated circuits in microelectronics or in power electronics modules.