Fire/smoke resistant formulations

Among fire/smoke materials, elastomers play an essential role as a fire retardant and to protect materials. At ITC, we are particularly aware of the importance of formulating fire-resistant materials in order to protect consumers and transport users. We therefore select special flame retardant additives with great care, combine the materials and test them taking into account:

  • Their ability to fight against the spread of flame
  • The amount of heat they generate
  • The speed of the heat flow generated
  • The opacity and toxicity of the fumes generated

In compliance with the European standard EN 45545-2: 2020, ITC offers a wide range of elastomeric products and materials that meet the latest requirements of this standard, for rolling stock, ground equipment and construction products/elements. construction and to guarantee the safety of transport users.



NF EN 45545-2 Railway applications
UL 94 Flammability classification for plastic materials


In aeronautics, automobiles, motor sports, and all other types of transport, elastomers find numerous applications where fire/smoke prevention properties are essential: seals, sleeves, under-hood protection parts, etc.