What is slow dynamic sealing?

The aim of dynamic sealing is to prevent any leakage of liquid (water, oil, etc.) or solid (dust, impurities, grease, etc.) between two mechanical parts moving relative to each other.

Dynamic sealing applications subject elastomeric seals to various challenges beyond their natural wear:

  • movement-related deformation
  • friction at the sealing surfaces
  • the increase in temperature linked to this friction

The increase in temperature and friction reaction can cause the seals to increase in volume, damaging the elastomer and causing loss of seal.

The choice of elastomer will therefore be important in order to allow resistance to the constraints of the application and tribological optimization in order to reduce friction and ensure the lifespan of the dynamic seal. Applying a thin layer of lubricant to the joint can also be considered when the environment is suitable.


We offer ranges of seals suitable for dynamic sealing:

  • Radial lip rings,
  • V-rings seals for dynamic axial sealing against a bearing surface,
  • Energized seals for applications with high temperature or pressure constraints
  • Hydraulic seals: piston seals, rod seals, scraper seals, valve seals

We also offer tailor-made elastomeric or multi-material seals for dynamic sealing depending on your application. Do not hesitate to call on our experts to ensure the dynamic sealing of your systems.