Damping and anti-vibration: essential functions of elastomers

One of the main functions of elastomers is effective shock absorption. Whether in spurts or continuously, any mechanical system is confronted with shocks which it must withstand to preserve the integrity and ensure the proper functioning of the equipment over the long term. The ability of elastomers to deform and return to their initial shape makes them valuable allies for designing damping parts.

Elastomers can be molded or cut to precisely fit the dimensions of your systems in order to absorb shock in your equipment. They can also be overmolded or adhered to integrate perfectly into your parts.

Call on our experts when designing your parts to define the shapes that will allow you to optimize your damping surface and reduce the wear of your systems.


Essential to the operation of any equipment, damping elements are found in a wide variety of forms and can be used for numerous applications in different sectors. Bumpons, stops, shims, plates, blocks are used from industrial equipment to personal computers.