Acoustic comfort, a guarantee of quality design

Acoustic comfort is, today, an essential factor to take into account in the design of a machine or equipment. Beyond preserving the sound environment, it is part of the protection of workers against noise and the limitation of sound emissions. It consists of ensuring that you are not disturbed by noise, namely an unwanted sound which is made up of numerous sounds with varying frequencies (Hz: Hertz) and intensities (dB: decibel).

Elastomer solutions constitute an effective solution both in improving acoustic treatment and in sound insulation.

As part of improving acoustic treatment, elastomers will make it possible to obtain anti-vibration suspension by correcting in particular the reverberation of sounds. Reducing vibrations thus makes it possible to reduce the source of noise in your equipment and leads to a significant improvement in their sound quality.

ITC also offers numerous elastomeric solutions for all applications related to soundproofing and acoustic insulation.


The needs for acoustic filters in industry are varied and cover numerous applications using mechanical parts: machine tools, motors, pumps, generators, air conditioning, heating systems, ventilation systems, compressors, etc. In the field of transport, acoustic comfort is an extremely important factor for improving the user experience and for which elastomers provide suitable, lightweight and particularly effective solutions.